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Clean Wire Separator

Hi-Flux Magnets Ltd has launched a breakthrough Clean Wire Separator (CWS) for the separation of clean wire from contaminated tyre wire. Most tyre shredding and separating applications produce a tyre wire fraction which is contaminated to some extent with rubber and/or fibre. This makes the product less valuable and at times even difficult to dispose of without cost.

Existing magnetic separation technology which is suitable for most applications tends to attract wire which also has attachments. This is acceptable for some processes but tyre wire needs to be as clean as possible to achieve its maximum value. Therefore we have developed the CWS to release wire with rubber attachments and free rubber / fibre to provide a significantly cleaner wire product.

Clean Wire Separator

The NEW Hi-Flux Clean Wire Separator.

Hi-Flux and its sister company Magnapower have been at the forefront of magnetic separation technology for many years. They have developed a range of separation equipment for producing a high quality wire free rubber product but more recently have recognised and focused on producing a separator to produce a clean steel product too. Most tyre recycling applications use a primary magnetic separator to remove the majority of steel wire from the rubber. It is this steel wire product which needs to be 'cleaned' to achieve maximum value.

However, as soon as it is handled, or settles, it becomes tangled and then more difficult to re-process. The Hi-Flux CWS breaks the tangled wire apart and then presents it to the separator which is far more selective than conventional magnetic separators. This allows the majority of contaminants to be separated from the cleaned wire.

Clean Rubber Rubber With Wire Wire With Rubber Clean Wire

Clean Rubber

Rubber with Wire

Wire with Rubber

Clean Wire

It is then recommended that the contaminants are reprocessed to reduce or prevent any waste. The purity and the yield of cleaned wire depends on many factors such as: Purity of input product, Size of input product and Moisture content.

Previous applications have achieved results from 90% to 99% purity and yields of up to 85% so as can be seen; the results are very dependent on the input product. Hi-Flux Magnets Ltd have a complete test facility available for witness testing if required or initially a sample can be sent, tested and returned for analysis. Please contact: info@hi-hlux.co.uk .

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