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Overband Separators

Hi-FLUX overband magnetic separators are suitable for use in conjunction with belt conveying systems where the amount of ferrous material encountered is comparatively high and necessitates the constant discharge of such material.

Overband Separator

Fig.1. Hi-Flux Overband Separator employed as a standard crossbelt
machine to give the maximum degree of extraction.

Hi-FLUX overband separators are ideally suited for operation in foundry sand plants, glass cullet handling, refuse destruction plants and similar systems which involve constant processing.

The type, size and method of employing the Hi-FLUX overband separator depend on the characteristics of the particular application.

Overband Separator

Fig.2. Hi-Flux Overband Separator employed over terminal head of a belt conveyor. This'in-line' form
of application is advantageous where large items of ferrous material are likely to be encountered.

All Hi-FLUX overband separators have a magnet unit incorporating a steel circuit energised by means of a coil assembly wound from aluminium suitably insulated to form a robust dust tight and waterproof extractor. The robust framework is fabricated from rolled steel sections and supports the magnet unit, driving motor, idler pulleys and plummer block bearings.

Transmission is through a roller chain drive which is protected by a sheet steel chain case. The conveyor belt is of heavy duty form and is fitted with discharge inductifiers.

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