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Permanent Magnetic Separators

Hi-FLUX permanent magnetic separators are robustly constructed units embodying high performance non-deteriorating modern permanent magnets.

Hi-FLUX high performance permanent magnets are available as single or multiple assemblies for use as suspension magnets or plate magnets in the base of chutes etc. Hinged chute adaptation sealing plates, field extension probes and sanitary construction features are also available.

Permanent Magnet Separator

A typical method of employing a Hi-FLUX Magnetic Drum Separator
used here in conjunction with a vibratory feeder.

Hi-FLUX high performance permanent magnets are ideally suited for use on small industrial applications where ferrous contamination is a constant problem.

Hi-FLUX permanent magnets are easily adapted for use with belt conveyors, elevator feed or discharge chutes, grinder chutes etc.

Hi-FLUX permanent magnets provide a positive and inexpensive aid to product to product quality control without costly maintenance charges for: The foodstuffs industry, Sugar Industry, Rubber and Plastics Trade, Frozen Food Plants, Cement Works.

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