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Suspension Magnets

The Hi-FLUX static suspension magnet is available for a wide range of applications, for example; the extraction of ferrous tramp items such as nuts and bolts, chain etc., which invariably contaminate material handled by conveyors is typical.

Hi-FLUX suspension magnets can be employed to advantage for cleaning the product and for the protection of the plant in many processes, including installations which handle coal, coke, stone, cement, wood chips, sugar beet, grain, animal feed etc.

Suspension Magnet

Fig.1. Hi-FLUX Suspension Magnet over belt conveyor.

Suspension Magnet

Fig.2. Hi-FLUX Suspension Magnet at terminal head
of belt conveyor.

The size of the magnet used is determined by site conditions and the degree of required extraction.

The wide range of Hi-FLUX magnets offered is manufactured to the highest standards. A steel circuit energised by means of a coil assembly wound from aluminium suitably insulated forms a robust dust tight and waterproof unit which is reliable under the most adverse operating conditions.

Ancillary equipment in the form of rectifier transformers, control gear and suspension trolley, is also available.

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