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Hi-FLUX Magnets Ltd. 2020

Hi-FLUX has supplied a complete range of magnetic equipment for over 30 years. Its products include Magnetic Separators for plant protection and decontamination, Lifting Magnets for handling steel from scrap to finished products. Enquiries are deal with only by our own technical engineers and customers are assured of a complete service from project stage to commissioning.

History of the Company

Formed in 1974, in Aldridge, West Midlands, Hi-Flux had the benefit of the knowledge and experience of its two founders, who, between them had served some 45 years in the magnet industry, acquiring the expertise required to run such a specialised engineering company.

Hi-Flux Lifting Magnet

Hi-FLUX Magnets Lift Magnet

Because of the founders' reputation in the in the industry, their customer base included many foundries, metal reclamation operators, shipbuilders, quarries, sugar refiners, automotive manufacturers, tobacco refiner’s ceramic manufactures etc. Working closely with specialised plant manufacturers, several large contracts in the first few years, supplying to America, Belgium, India and Luxembourg, put their future on a very sound footing.

Hi-Flux Lifting Magnet

Hi-FLUX Magnets Trailer Magnet

Every enquiry for a device that called for the knowledge of the properties of the magnetic field was examined and usually resulted in the design and manufacture of a product that solved a customer's problem. As technology in solid state control gear advanced so Hi-Flux utilised it to enhance the performance of its electromagnets. Similarly, developments in the world of permanent magnet materials led to larger- than- ever permanent separator magnets being designed, gradually replacing electromagnets with economies in cost and weight.

Hi-Flux Lifting Magnet

Hi-FLUX Magnets Cascading Drum Magnet

The company moved to Birmingham in 1993 and in 2004 to Droitwich when a new, younger management took over from the last retiring founder. In 2018 Hi-Flux moved to new purpose-built offices on the Harris Business Park, Bromsgrove and share manufacturing facilities with Magnapower Equipment. Over the 47 years of its life, whatever new technology or material has evolved, it has been evaluated and where applicable has been used to devise new magnet products or improve the performance of existing designs.

Hi-Flux Drum Magnet

Hi-FLUX Magnets - Drum Magnets loaded outside its Birmingham Works

Hi-Flux Drum Magnet and Vibratory Feeder

Hi-FLUX Magnets Drum Magnet and Vibratory Feeder

Hi-Flux Large Drum Magnet

Hi-FLUX Magnets - Drum Magnet in production

Most of the competitors, whose names were well known in 1974 are defunct. Hi-Flux Magnets Ltd. remains

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